Buckskill's Specialty Classes

These classes are open to all age groups!

Edge Class

Edge Class is geared towards the proficient figure skater or hockey player who wants in increase their control of advanced edges and turns in a group setting. We will do structured exercises designed to challenge all types of skaters on their positioning over the blade, creating clean movement on the ice and building speed and flow as they change directions in patterns. Expect to work hard and be challenged in this class!

Power Skating

Bring your energy to this class! Power Skating class will focus on using each stroke you take as a chance to build speed and challenge the endurance of skaters of all types. This 30 minute class is High Intensity Interval Training on ice, designed to increase your endurance, athleticism, speed, strength and quick twitch swiftness on the ice. This drill-based class is an intense challenge for any hockey or figure skater looking to build strength and stamina on the ice!

Weekday Night Movement Class

In this class, we will explore different types of music and movement on the ice, using our bodies to create interesting shapes and allowing skating to be an expressive tool. Minimal skating experience is required, but skaters should have a basic grasp of fundamental skating skills (stopping, stroking, gliding), and expect to do a 15 minute gentle warm up followed by 30 minutes of movement that will allow them to play, explore and move to different styles of music in a fulfilling, fun class. All ages and types of open minded skaters are welcome!

Adult Clinic Prices

Discounted Clinic Packs may be shared by families and used for both adult and junior classes!



5 Clinic Pack

$212.50 $250

10 Clinic Pack

$382.50 $450

25 Clinic Pack

$680 $800
Price does not include skate rentals.