Sarah France, Director of Skating

Sarah France has been an ice dance coach and choreographer since 1998, and works with developing, regional, sectional, national and international competitors across all skating disciplines. An active professional skater, she is a professional ensemble member, master edge class instructor, and choreographer with the prestigious Ice Theatre of New York, as well as a frequent performer for shows, professional competitions, and events nationwide. Sarah additionally has more than 20 years of off-ice dance experience and performs professionally outside of the rink as an aerialist, modern dancer and inline artistic figure skater. She is a welcome guest instructor on and off the ice at many facilities around the world.

Sarah looks at skaters as both athletes and artists, and seeks to draw out their performance skills with a keen eye towards technical accuracy and precise movement on and off the ice. If it is teaching basic skills to create a foundation of proper skating technique, working with developing athletes to build towards success, or refining the technique of the highest caliber competitors in the world, Sarah loves to facilitate each skater’s version of success in their skating careers.

Milly Wasserman, Figure Skating Coach

Milly Wasserman

Milly started skating at age 8 and has been competing for 9 years. She is a high level national ice dance competitor and show skater. She is a current traveling competitor for US Figure Skating’s Solo Dance Series, and a top two finisher at all 8 Solo dance competitions in 2019. She is also an active member and leading apprentice of the Ice Theatre of New York’s Junior Ensemble since 2017, and active performing apprentice soloist with the Ice Theatre of New York’s Home Season since 2015.

Milly competes in Olympic rinks all over the country and has preformed in countless shows including the iconic Rockefeller Center ice rink in New York City.

She enjoys teaching and inspiring new skaters at Buckskill with her passion for figure skating. Her favorite things to teach in skating are skating skills, choreography, and spins. When Milly isn’t choreographing or teaching, she is painting, ballroom dancing, biking, or playing with her dog. Milly can’t wait to skate with you!

Brittni Svanberg, Figure Skating Coach

Corie Lillie

Brittni learned to how skate at Buckskill Winter Club at age 8 and has been on the ice ever since. She competed regionally as part of the Skating Club of New York throughout high school and at the intercollegiate level for the Boston University Club Figure Skating Team until graduating in 2018.

Brittni has a background in ballet and classical piano studies and loves teaching spins, jumps and choreography on a strong base of skating skills. She began teaching in the Learn to Skate program at the Rinx in Happaugue, one of the largest in the country, in 2012. She enjoys passing on her love for skating at her home rink at Buckskill!

Born and raised in East Hampton, Brittni loves doing yoga and walking her dog on the beach in her free time.

Emma Dahl, Figure Skating Coach

Corie Lillie

Emma began skating at the age of four, and she has never stopped. She was lucky enough to train professionally at the University of Delaware for six years. During her time there she was trained by some of the best coaches in the business, Ron Ludington and Barbara Rolls, and skated alongside Olympians like Johnny Weir.

Due to an injury, she and her family moved back to their hometown of East Hampton. She soon began teaching figure skating at Buckskill Winter Club as an after school job.

Emma fell in love with the idea of sharing the sport of figure skating with people of all ages. She has been coaching at Buckskill Winter Club for over 5 years, and she enjoys every moment of it.

Riley Goldstein, Figure Skating Coach


Riley has been skating since 2009 and has worked at Buckskill Winter Club since 2012. She trains at The Rinx in Hauppauge and she has also trained in Lake Placid in the summer with World and Olympic figure skaters and coaches. Riley continues to actively participate in figure skating.

In addition to figure skating, Riley has performed in numerous theatre and musical theatre productions and has ten years of dance experience under her belt, all of which contribute to the abilities she brings to the ice.

Riley loves to share her joy of figure skating with her students. She will be teaching both Basic Skills Clinics and private lessons this season.

Cory Lillie, Hockey Coach

Corie Lillie

Cory Lillie was born and raised in East Hampton, NY and began his hockey career at the age of 5 in the Amagansett Roller Hockey League. By the time he was 8, Cory was already commuting up island 5 days a week to play for a nationally ranked roller hockey team. At 10 years old, Cory made the transition to ice hockey. He worked his way up to make the Junior Islanders at age 12, with whom he competed in the World Championships.

After years of the long commute up island Cory left New York in his senior year of high school and moved to New Jersey where he played for the New Jersey Rockets junior team in the Metropolitan Junior Hockey League and Atlantic Junior Hockey League. After 3 years, Cory moved back to The Hamptons and played for the New York Apple Core in the Eastern Junior Hockey League in Long Beach, Long Island. He was recruited to Wentworth Institute of Technology, a Division III program in Boston, MA. Upon graduation in August of 2014, Cory was hired as Manager of Buckskill Winter Club in East Hampton where he began his mission to create the East End's first High School Ice Hockey Team.

Tim Luzadre, Hockey Coach

Tim Luzadre

Tim Luzadre grew up in the Detroit metro area playing the highest level of Hockey throughout Michigan and Canada from the age of six, his last team being the Detroit Junior Red Wings. Business brought him out to the New York area where he kept his passion for the game. Tim has been with Buckskill Winter Club since its first day of operation and has taught numerous children and adults how to safely learn to skate and play hockey. Tim is available for private skating and hockey lessons and he helps run the Buckskill Junior Hockey Program.